Take Another Look – DAY 30

Right through the Bible, we find God’s people gathering together – firstly to meet with Him, and secondly to meet with each other.• Moses had the Tabernacle, which was also called the ‘Tent of Meeting’, where God’s people came to connect with Him.
• Solomon built the Temple. What a day it must have been when all of Israel gathered, and the overwhelming ‘glory of the Lord filled the place’ (1 Kings 8).
• On the Day of Pentecost, 120 believers were all together in one place, and Holy Spirit came upon them in power (Acts 2).

Ever since 1937, when a small group of people came together, our movement – the ‘Australian Christian Churches’, has been gathering for that two fold purpose: to lift up the name of Jesus, and to encourage His servants. As we gather weekly at our Churches:
• we’ll engage vertically with our God, through our prayer and praise.
• we’ll engage horizontally, with our church family, encouraging and inspiring each other in their Kingdom pursuits.

My belief is what we get out of Church is what we choose to put into it. So let’s continue to engage vertically – to praise Him passionately, to open our hearts to receive the Word and to allow the Holy Spirit to continue to do a new thing in our lives.

Let’s also decide as we gather together as the Church to give our best horizontally, to keep our heads on swivel and on the lookout for opportunities to bless others.

That’s day 30 – well done! We hope you have been blessed and encouraged by these ‘Take Another Look’ devotions!!!

TODAY: TAKE ANOTHER LOOK… at gathering together.